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Ordo De Aureus Equites Charter
Motto: We are gamers! We are family! We are ODAE!
The following charter is still a work in progress.


ODAE is a multi-gaming community that had originally started as a merchant guild in 2003 on Runescape. The community has since then gone through many variations and forms to become what it is today.
ODAE isn’t the typical multi-game community in the factor that it is small and has always been small, except for its days on Runescape at least. This small size has allowed those within to become very close and essentially family. The ODAE family consists of casual players and hardcore players alike, all eager to play and have fun.


  1. To join you must be a friend with a current member and apply to the website.
  2. Be respectful and kind to your fellow members.
  3. No spamming.
  4. No flaming/insulting.
  5. No racism or bigot behavior.
  6. No posting a member's personal information without their consent.
  7. Most importantly, have fun.

Membership Requirements

  1. Must apply for membership on the website.
  2. Must be friends with a current member.
  3. No age requirement. But must be mature.

Activity Expectations

ODAE is generally a casual community and understands that real life comes first. Due to this leniency will be given as requested. Members are expected to login to the website at least once every six months unless a reason is given ahead of time for an absence. After six months you will be removed from the website and all ODAE associated guilds/clans. Individual games may have smaller time constraints due to space limits. If a heads up is given beforehand to leadership, you can be gone an indefinite time without worry.

Other Information


We use Discord as our primary form of communication and timely updating. While Discord is not required it is highly recommended. Discord is lightweight on your computer and is not just a voice chat but is a text chat as well with mobile app support. Extremely user-friendly and customizable for one of the best VoIP user experiences in the modern world.
ODAE Drive

We use google drive to contain a lot of useful information, applications, and more. While a member make sure to make good use of it and feel free to make request for things to be added.

We have a Twitter @ODAEGaming if you wish to follow!
Leadership Positions

We have a varying amount of leadership positions in ODAE.
  • Community Manager
  • Discord Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Website Manager
  • Officer
All leadership positions except officer have an application available on the ODAE Drive for members. Applications will be reviewed by current Community Managers and accepted or denied on varying criteria. To become an officer just simply ask a current officer in the game you wish to be one.