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Minecraft Server, Patreon, Discord Updates, and more

Ater_Roseum / Dec 31, 2017
Minecraft Server

ODAEGaming now has its very own Minecraft Realm that anyone can join. Feel free to join anytime and to invite friends. This realm is for the Bedrock Edition, aka the cross-platform edition that is on Win10, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and even mobile devices.

The server will have regular back-ups in-case of griefing or some crazy disaster. Mods will be added as desired. Use this link to join:


For those that do not yet know we have a Patreon for the community to help improve it! Money from the Patreon will be used for various things like hosting servers, doing giveaways(to donators), and much more.

If you would like to help by even giving only $1 a month then go here:


Our Discord server has gone through a bit of a overhaul.

First of all we have a new bot called called Dynobot but nicknamed ODAEBot on the discord. This new bot is why the server was overhauled as it is now integrated into various parts of the Discord. This bot can do a large amount of things and replaces our previous ODAEBot. For a full list of commands please go here:

Secondly, we have changed how guests are handled in the discord. Previously there was a single Guest role that allowed users to talk in any text chat but not see the chat history. As well as some other minor privilege losses in comparison to a member.

Now we have a guest role associated with each individual division which give equal permissions to that of a member of that division in terms of text and chat. All text and voice chats are now also hidden to those who do not have the associated role. This was done to keep it from cluttering and overwhelming newcomers.

Newcomers are now able to simply type a command in a chat to get a guest role to a division. Members are also now able to type a command in a chat to get a member related division role.

Other News

Updated website background to current games.

Happy New Year! Hope everyone enjoyed 2017, as for the community it was a big year. A lot happened and the community size essentially tripled from what it was. The amount of games associated with it has drastically increased and overall a lot of fun memories have been created. Hopefully 2018 will be filled with even more fun memories, new faces, and great experiences.


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