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ODAEGaming PayPal Donation Service Availible

Ater_Roseum / Apr 27, 2017

Ordo De Aureus Equites now has it's very own official PayPal account. This PayPal will be purely used for community related transactions and nothing else. Members of ODAE are able to donate to the community to help it grow in various ways. If you plan to donate, message Ater_Roseum on Discord for the PayPal link and what you wish your donated money to be used for if you have something specific in mind.

These are the current applicable donation specifications:
  • General - To be available for any of the other options as needed.
  • Website - To help progress the website, add more features, allow more customization, and more.
  • Battlefield 1 Server - To help pay for hosting a community server on Battlefield 1.

As time progresses more options will come available for donating. Rewards for donating will come in time as well. Do you have a suggestion for a possible donation reason? Or a suggestion for a reward that could be done? Please comment below with your suggestion!


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