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New Website Manager, New Official Motto, And Other News

Ater_Roseum / Feb 24, 2017
Welcome Our New Website Manager

First of all I would like everyone to give a welcome to our new Website Manager Puknut. Puknut is from our Battlefield 1 branch and has many years in web development experience. He is a fun guy to play with and a good guy to make friends with. If you don't know him why not say hello and congratulations!

New Official Motto!

The votes were casts and ODAE's official new motto is: "We are gamers! We are family! We are ODAE!"
This submission was Ater Roseum's. Thank you to all of those who participated in the contest(by submitting ideas or voting)!

Other News

  • Roles have been fleshed out a bit more on the Discord. They include Community Manager, Website Manager, and Social Media Manager.
  • Roles and permissions have been streamlines on the website. Everyone should now be able to see everything they are supposed to now. As well as do everything they were supposed to be able to do.
  • ODAE Drive now has a new sub-section folder in the Games called Other. This will be the information hub of any non-official branch games the community plays.

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Welcome and a great looking web site
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