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Community Motto Contest Vote and Other News

Ater_Roseum / Feb 16, 2017
The entries have been submitted and further entries are now closed. It is time for the community to decide which motto is the best. Here are the submitted mottos:

  1. We are gamers! We are family! We are ODAE!
  2. Submitted by Ater Roseum
  3. Fear none when alive, fear none when dead, fight to the last knight in our fallens' stead.
  4. Submitted by Vyrian Emperor

Comment down below the number of your chosen entry. Voting will end on Thursday February 23rd 11:59pm EST and the winner announced on the following day.

Other News:
  • Positions are open for an official Web Designer, Discord Manager, and more. All of these positions would be volunteer positions. We now have a new position available labeled Community Manager. A Community Manager helps with posting news, community wide decisions, web development, and much more. A Community Manager may also be the leader of a sub-community within the overall community that isn't particularly tied to one game like an Officer typically would be. Contact Ater Roseum on Discord for more information or even to suggest another position.
  • We are currently having a Coat of Arms designed for ODAE it self by the great Vyrian Emperor. Time frame till completion unknown, but expect it to look awesome.
  • The ODAE drive is to be more fleshed out soon to have applications for positions, information about games or community, and other requested features.


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