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Community Motto Contest and Other News

Ater_Roseum / Feb 07, 2017
It is time for a contest for the whole community! It is about time for the community to finally give it self a motto, a real one. Previously the default motto has just simply been the community name translated into English, Order of the Golden Knights.

If you feel you have an interesting motto to submit please submit it in a comment below. For now the prize will just be a title similar to the one Iffy Aryn has.

  1. Unlimited Entries
  2. No sexual, obscene, or profane language in entries
  3. Only one winner allowed
  4. Entries stop after Tuesday the 14th 11:59pm EST.

Other News:
  • As the community continues to progress prizes will get better as will everything else.
  • Soon we will be getting a new Coat of Arms to represent our selves with a little competition to that as well. The current Coat of Arms is temporary.
  • Website will continue to be revamped and improved.
  • Communication and avenues to such will continue to be improved yet get more centralized to the website as well.
  • Positions are open for an official Web Designer, Discord Manager, and more. All of these positions would be volunteer positions. Contact Ater Roseum on Discord for more information or even to suggest a position.


We are gamers! We are family! We are ODAE!
Fear none when alive, fear none when dead, fight to the last knight in our fallens' stead.
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